It is widely expected that Apple will unveil the iPhone 6S on Wednesday, September 9 in San Francisco during an annual event. The problem is, consumers don’t seem to care anymore. Apple is known for implementing exciting new technologies with each generation of their smartphones, but interest is at an all-time low. Other smartphone manufacturers seem to be doing better: China’s Lenovo is poised to release the Zuk Z1, a transparent smartphone.

What does that mean for other smartphone manufacturers around the globe?

Right now, not that much. Lenovo provided the general public with a series of photographs on the first of September, but no other details about technical specifications. Check out the official photographs and listen to a wonderfully creepy narrator here:

What’s the point of a transparent smartphone?

Like most technological advancements, there’s not much point at all aside from the fact that’s just that much cooler than the usual crap we buy. Remember flip phones? Well, in 20 years no one will remember these either. Keep in mind, it will probably be a lot harder to keep track of a transparent smartphone, too. It’s hard enough trying to find a black iPhone when you can’t remember where you left it.

So far the Zuk Z1 doesn’t seem to have any unusual limitations. It will reportedly perform all the functions of a traditional smartphone, including the display of images and videos, music and radio, and an oddly Android-like interface with which many users are at least somewhat familiar.

The phone itself is merely a prototype, so readers are cautioned to be wary of making assumptions about the new technology’s potential. Some eager analysts already decided there was a high likelihood of a high pixel density because of the girl displayed in some of the images.

Samsung and LG have already unveiled prototypes for their own similarly transparent smartphone and bendable devices. Lenovo seems to be placing itself in direct competition with these companies. How long we will wait to see this technology hit the market is anyone’s guess.


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