We all struggle to keep our phones charged, as heavy usage can lead to a completely drained phone in a matter of hours. That’s all about to change. A new technology developed by Atmel promises to extend smartphone battery life of low power devices into the decades by harvesting the heat energy expended by a human body.

So how can you extend battery life for decades? It’s pretty simple: wait.

If you don’t have the patience and you’d like to find out how to prevent your Apple or Android devices’ batteries from draining so quickly, click here or here, respectively.

Of course, you’ll only prevent your battery from draining so much. The processors in our smartphones are improving rapidly–much more rapidly, in fact, than the batteries which power them.

Atmel will extend smartphone battery life for decades with new chip

That’s why Atmel recently released a series of microcontrollers (or MCUs) for certain low power devices. ARM MCUs which fall into this category are the same ones which power devices such as the iPhone 5S and iPad Air.

A few other devices which might one day be powered for decades include fire alarms, wearables, and electronic healthcare monitors.

The MCUs are economical, slashing typical power usage to about a third. This is possible because the chips run on an integrated picoPower technology and Atmel’s Event System. Small devices have numerous subsystems which perform individual functions, but the picoPower technology allows them to work together to share energy.

The more impressive part of the technology was demonstrated earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), when Atmel’s director of product marketing,  Andreas Eieland, placed his hand over a panel designed to recognize a shift in temperature and harvest heat energy, which was then used to power a nearby radio. Soon enough, this technology really will extend smartphone battery life for decades.

All of this sounds wonderful, but how much does it cost? The company has yet to announce a price!

Ever wonder why the technology to extend smartphone battery life is rolling out so slowly? Check out this video from Android Authority:


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