Top 8 Apple iPhone Rumors 2018

It’s that time of the year again. We’ve had enough time to process the success of the iPhone X. Now it’s time to think about what comes next. Will Apple release a mid-year budget iPhone this year, or wait until fall? Can the company still surprise (and disappoint) us? We’ll find out soon, but until then here are a few iPhone rumors to tide you over.

1. There will be a September release date

The iPhone X released in November. Although there was a September release for the iPhone 8, the pattern definitely broke. For now we expect to see at least one new phone in September.

2. There will be three new phones

If there are three new phones released at or near the same time, it makes a mid-year budget phone less likely. If we get all three phones in the fall, then a reasonable expectation is for the release dates to be staggered. That means we might see the traditional September release in addition to something similar to last year’s November release. An October release isn’t out of the realm of possibility either.

3. 3D Touch is no more

A new Cover Glass Sensor (or CGS) will replace the old 3D Touch that was introduced with the iPhone 6s model. Reportedly the new technology is cheaper, lighter, and more durable.

4. It will include dual-sim support

Dual-sim support means your phone can be accessed by two wireless networks. That means nothing to the vast majority of us. Travelers who use their phones for business or leisure will love the feature, though. Those who stay abroad often can connect to a network in a different country almost seamlessly. It’s a convenient feature when you need it.

5. It will charge faster

A new iPhone could include a new power adapter with increased wattage. This would allow it to charge to 80 percent in just an hour. Right now it takes over two hours to recharge an iPhone with Apple power adapters.

6. It will include more color options

Some were disappointed that there was no gold iPhone X. Apple might fix that with the new generation of iPhones. Gold is a more popular color abroad than it is here at home, so it’s a good idea for increasing global sales.

7. It could have an MLCD+ screen

Of the three new phones we might see, there are rumors that two will have the traditional OLED screens we’ve come to expect from Apple. The third phone might just transition to an MLCD+ screen. That’s good for Apple, because it means cutting down on expenses. The technology adds a fourth white pixel to increase brightness, and is already used by a new LG phone.

8. It will use an A12 computer chip

A new next-gen A12 computer chip would shrink some parts down to a smaller size, providing room for more transistors on the computer chip. That means better battery life, less power drain, less heat, and more processing power.

What other rumors would you add to our list?



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