I apologize in advance to all those preaching love and peace right now. In general? I agree.

Dear White Majority,

So you have a problem with all those “crybabies” who are protesting, rioting, or being violent with Trump supporters? I hear you, man. It’s understandable. It makes sense; don’t think it doesn’t. When someone hurts you just for being who you are, that’s how you feel in turn. Hurt. But here’s the thing you should understand before you start hurling accusations to homosexuals, Mexicans, Muslims, women, millennials and anyone else angry about the election results: you fucking earned it, assholes.

Here’s a short personal anecdote to start us off (oh but don’t worry, my angry tirade is coming!):

Last year, my brother and I had a major falling out after I temporarily moved back in with my parents. I mean I never liked the guy, because he’s basically tormented me my entire life in one way or another–and you tend to dislike people who bully you endlessly. He would take toothbrushes and use them to clean the toilet or the shower or whatever. Then he’d put them back. He’d dump shampoo. He’d steal, destroy, or otherwise vandalize food that belonged to me. It got to the point where I was paranoid to brush my teeth, shave, gargle mouthwash, or use anything else that went near or in my body.

Here’s something important you should know: it’s hard to consider yourself a grown-ass adult when someone does stuff like that to you, and you let them get away with it. Peaceful protest? That shit doesn’t often work when you’re dealing with bullies. Don’t get me wrong: sometimes it does, and we should give it every chance to work. But we’ve been doing that for thousands of fucking years, and some people don’t seem to appreciate or care about the progress we’ve made. That’s because bullies are selfish assholes. You, Trump supporters, are selfish assholes.

I could write a book about the things my brother did to me over the very long years, but the aforementioned short list is the light version. He’s a dick and he’s a man-child and he’s a bully who simply would not stop. Anyway, I mostly ignored him, but eventually I did what any normal person experiencing that kind of bullying would do. I responded in kind. I destroyed toothbrushes. He took pictures of the atrocity, and used it to justify his earlier actions. Naturally, I said to myself “WHAT THE FUCK THAT MAKES NO SENSE” but in his mind this was the pinnacle of rationality.

And here we go:

When you post fucking videos of a bunch of African Americans allegedly beating up a Trump voter, that’s pretty much what’s going through my mind. They have been oppressed their entire lives. Their skin color has been oppressed pretty much always. Then you go and vote for a racist, misogynistic pig whose very presence in the media over the past year has caused racially-motivated violence to skyrocket, and you ask how someone can have the audacity to protest the results of this “fair and unbiased” election after we were forced to sit biting our nails all through a shit-show performance pushed along by James Comey, the Russians, and the train wreck that is the electoral college. How could they possibly protest?! How could they possibly be angry?! What gives them the right to become violent?!


So a Trump supporter got beaten up? Boo-fucking-hoo. When you start seeing people who look just like you beaten and killed just for being white all the fucking time, when all you see on Facebook and Twitter are videos of cops shooting unarmed white people with their hands up saying “don’t shoot!” every fucking day, then maybe–MAYBE–I’ll start to give a fuck about the good health and well-being of the god-fearing racist piece of human trash that you are. Until then, kindly shut up and fuck off and let the rest of us vent our frustration for your mind-numbing stupidity.

Gay people, Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, and almost every other minority in the country–they’re terrified. Their lives are threatened more often than yours are because of you. They drink and do drugs more often than you because of you. They suffer through eternal depression and commit suicide more often than you do because of you. Do you care? Fuck no!

Do black lives matter? OF COURSE NOT! All lives matter! Vet lives matter! Pet lives matter!

And you’re calling them crybabies because of a political setback? Fuck. You. There is nothing political about this. You’ve been crying because of, complaining about, and obstructing the biggest black man in the land for eight years, and you think people don’t notice or care about your hypocritical douche-baggery? Guess what: if you voted for Trump and you get your ass beaten, then you god-damn earned the anger and resentment hurled your way, and you continue to earn it every single day.

Do I condone violence? No. Fuck no! But you know what? I just don’t give a shit when it happens to you anymore. You can’t call liberals a bunch of young bleeding-heart hippies one day, then call them angry violent crybabies the next, and think that’s okay. So when someone does hurt you? I don’t care. You just want everyone else to sit there, shut up, not be happy, not be sad, not be angry, not be anything at all but content with the second-class life you (the real entitled) tell us we should be happy to have.

Well, fuck that. You caused this anger, you created this resentment, you nurtured this despair, and you still support Trump no matter what. You’re fucking bullies, and you earned that shit. You want respect? You want peace? So does everyone else. Earn it back, you fucking crybabies.



P.S. Liberals: stop blaming one another. Stop blaming third-party voters. Stop blaming people who didn’t vote Bernie in the primaries. Stop blaming people who didn’t vote at all (another form of free speech). I mean, seriously? Half of the people in this country just announced their blatant disregard for the constitutionally-guaranteed rights of the other half, and you’re blaming yourselves? Way to fall on your sword, but fucking stop. It’s not you, it’s them. No, seriously. It’s them.


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