Many of the most massive companies in the tech sector are implementing different kinds of artificial intelligence into everyday life, and all of these companies are pouring untold resources into researching better performing AI. But is artificial intelligence safe enough that we should allow it into the relatively open digital infrastructure of our internet? Some of these companies agree that questions need to be answered, and soon. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM just formed a partnership and ethical realities in order to do just that. They intend to research best practices involving AI. Imagine that: big companies working together for the public good!



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Jeff is a self-proclaimed pragmatic futurist; that is, he has high hopes for absurd life-altering technologies which sound too good to be true, and probably are. Although he writes on a variety of subjects, his real passion is for technological innovation and the people who make it happen. By day, he enjoys fuzzy bunnies, kittens, puppies, roller coasters and a sardonic written word or two. By night, he's busy running MMR, replaying a random Final Fantasy game, or pretending to be Batman. He currently resides in Upstate NY.